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An 18 inch brown on a green Crystal Midge.

Mike Morrison and a fat 18 inch male brown.

Cale Baker

Cale again with a real nice 17.5" brownie from the Big Hole, East Walketr.

Check out the lower jaw on this 25" brown. Ugly can be beautiful.

Twelve year old Shane Ring fishes through the mist of a cool East Walker morning.

Cale with a nice wild brown at one of our "secret" holes.

Football, anyone? They fight hard when they're FAT.

Some people cheat and hold the fish out towards the camera to make it seem larger than life, but not me.

Look at the spots on this wild cutthrout caught on Bridgeport Lake....very nice

Scott Flint with a trophy rainbow from Bridgeport Lake

10 lbs.

Look closely at the concave head on this rainbow, a typical sign of Whirling Disease. Most trout with the disease do not live long enough to get this size. Odd
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