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Installing the recirculating tanks. Ray Robles is acting like he's working again. Nice pose!

The equipment is very old, but Eric is on a mission. There were alot more boulders than sand.

Here we are running a 2" PVC pipe from the pump to the tanks. Looks deep enough!

The Paradise Shores Trout Project...

This tomato bin holds about 4,500 gallons of water....

Christian Baker checks out our completed Paradise Shores Trout Project.

The 2-4 pound rainbows get hungry. Tossing some high quality food at them results in a frenzy that might get you splashed.

These very healthy Alpers rainbows will jump out of the water while feeding. Note the mouth coming out of the water like a shark (lower right).

Sometimes these trout act like they haven't been fed in days. They are such pigs.

OKAY, We just had to show you the strong, beautiful rainbows...

Eric senses that this grass-roots project is working....and it is good. He is the proud Papa of 22,000 baby brown trout.

Two insulated tanks. each with 1300 gallons...

Thanks Tim

Mike Morrison Region 6 trout biologist

Todd O'Banion of Great Basin Hatchery in Nevada...

The day our first baby browns arrived....

This is what 22,000 baby brown trout look like when they are released from the truck into the tomato bin. Awesome

A cloud of trout. They eventually will cover the bin from one end to the other as they grow. We then cull them out in batches, making sure we get the most growth out of each batch.

An amazing look...

As the season progresses, the trout grow...

Small numbers of the largest browns are gently moved into a bucket for measuring and weighing.

This brown trout will have a fighting chance if we put several at a time in the weed beds that surround the coves.

The donated fish transport tank needs alot of work

The fiberglass repairs were extensive and carefully completed by Jimmy Little and Eric Gehrung

This high quality, custom trailer was purchased with the help of the California Inland Fisheries Foundation.

Here is the completed trailer. We got some snow the first day we used the trailer to stock our brown trout.

The first bunch of browns netted from the tomato bin and into the stocking tank, on thier way to the lake where they will grow over the winter.

Over 1,000 pounds of beautiful brown trout were stocked into Bridgeport Lake on October 6th, 2007.

A great group of volunteers....

Anthony Baca of Rialto with a 5 1/2 lb. Brown.

Eric, Al and Kevin had a "little" fun on Lower Twin Lakes.

A well presented streamer can trigger a hit.....from a monster.

My dad made sure everyone won something he loved it!

Ernesto Robles receives an award from brother, Raymond.

East Walker

Twin Lakes

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