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Installing the recirculating tanks. Ray Robles is acting like he's working again. Nice pose!

The equipment is very old, but Eric is on a mission. There were alot more boulders than sand.

Here we are running a 2" PVC pipe from the pump to the tanks. Looks deep enough!

The Paradise Shores Trout Project...

This tomato bin holds about 4,500 gallons of water....

Christian Baker checks out our completed Paradise Shores Trout Project.

The 2-4 pound rainbows get hungry. Tossing some high quality food at them results in a frenzy that might get you splashed.

These very healthy Alpers rainbows will jump out of the water while feeding. Note the mouth coming out of the water like a shark (lower right).

Sometimes these trout act like they haven't been fed in days. They are such pigs.

OKAY, We just had to show you the strong, beautiful rainbows...

Eric senses that this grass-roots project is working....and it is good. He is the proud Papa of 22,000 baby brown trout.

Two insulated tanks. each with 1300 gallons...

Thanks Tim

Mike Morrison Region 6 trout biologist

Todd O'Banion of Great Basin Hatchery in Nevada...

The day our first baby browns arrived....

This is what 22,000 baby brown trout look like when they are released from the truck into the tomato bin. Awesome

A cloud of trout. They eventually will cover the bin from one end to the other as they grow. We then cull them out in batches, making sure we get the most growth out of each batch.

An amazing look...

As the season progresses, the trout grow...

Small numbers of the largest browns are gently moved into a bucket for measuring and weighing.

This brown trout will have a fighting chance if we put several at a time in the weed beds that surround the coves.

The donated fish transport tank needs alot of work

The fiberglass repairs were extensive and carefully completed by Jimmy Little and Eric Gehrung

This high quality, custom trailer was purchased with the help of the California Inland Fisheries Foundation.

Here is the completed trailer. We got some snow the first day we used the trailer to stock our brown trout.

The first bunch of browns netted from the tomato bin and into the stocking tank, on thier way to the lake where they will grow over the winter.

Over 1,000 pounds of beautiful brown trout were stocked into Bridgeport Lake on October 6th, 2007.

A great group of volunteers....

Skip Baker , Founder of Big meadow lodge

Anthony Baca of Rialto with a 5 1/2 lb. Brown.

Anthony Baca of Rialto with a 5 1/2 lb. Brown.

Cale caught it and Christian netted it.

Tim Ring of Orange, California.

Raymond Robles knows Bridgeport Lake. (good cook too).

Morning in July at Bridgeport Lake.

Scott Freeman of Bridgeport ...

Can't we all just get along? Rick Galloway is "hoggin" my hole again!

Tim Ring set the hook and could not get the smile off of his face. He did manage to get the fish to shake his hook, though. Must have been a carp.

Ed Pritchard revives...

Yes, Ed

Skip Baker

Skip Baker

Ricky Galloway shows off a 22" brown he fooled on Crowley Lake mid-summer. Who said browns were smart?

It's not ALL about fishing. Ernesto Robles bagged this 5x5 Muley at 80 yards on Oct. 1st 2004. It was my pleasure to help Ernie drag this trophy buck out of the sage and manzanita....... Right!

An 18 inch brown on a green Crystal Midge.

Mike Morrison and a fat 18 inch male brown.

Eric, Al and Kevin had a "little" fun on Lower Twin Lakes.

Cale Baker

Cale again with a real nice 17.5" brownie from the Big Hole, East Walketr.

Check out the lower jaw on this 25" brown. Ugly can be beautiful.

Twelve year old Shane Ring fishes through the mist of a cool East Walker morning.

Cale with a nice wild brown at one of our "secret" holes.

Football, anyone? They fight hard when they're FAT.

A well presented streamer can trigger a hit.....from a monster.

Some people cheat and hold the fish out towards the camera to make it seem larger than life, but not me.

Look at the spots on this wild cutthrout caught on Bridgeport Lake....very nice

Scott Flint with a trophy rainbow from Bridgeport Lake

10 lbs.

Look closely at the concave head on this rainbow, a typical sign of Whirling Disease. Most trout with the disease do not live long enough to get this size. Odd

Everyone was a winner when all of the kids got an award.

The trophy display was impressive.

Noah Robles, 9, Won the overall biggest fish awards.

My dad made sure everyone won something he loved it!

Way to go guys!!

Ladies division

Ernesto Robles receives an award from brother, Raymond.

Shelly Huerta of High Camp Creations provided the trophies as a donation.

Arnold Gellis of Sylmar won the Alaska raffle prize.

Scott Flint works his 6wt(5x) on a beautiful qualifier (17" brown) midway through the competition. Scott consistently wins when it comes to flyfishing the E.W.

Kelsey Croft of So. Cal. wins the overall points award, showing once again that his technique and self-tied patterns are killers on the East Walker.

Scott Flint wins the Big Fish award with a nice (17") brown he worked in the "Corral" area of the miracle mile.

Gordon Stolla is used to competitive flyfishing, having won the "Double Haul in the Fall" float tube event on Crowley. Here he wins a vacation for his efforts on the East Walker.

We build flyfishing Snowmen in the winter when we can't fish. Kandy Layne added the finishing touches on this year's model.

18 inch Wild Rainbow - Rosaschi Ranch.

Wild Brown - East Walker, Nevada.

Winter Wild Rainbow - East Walker, Nevada.

Frozen Rosaschi.

Frozen Daquiri.

Frozen Rosaschi.

Bridgeport Resevoir

I love you Dad

Float tube Dad

Al Schneider aboard the "Baja Concept" with a meat lover's limit for four anglers in less than a half day.

Opening Day on Bridgeport lake. Snow capped peaks and warm, calm weather. The Paradise Shores "Tube Tender" Eric Gehrung unleashes the floatilla from his pontoon. The Group: Anthony Baca, Mike Morrison, Skip, and Timmy Ring took the photo from his tube. .

Skip, guide Andrew Sears, Dave Strege of the OC Register and Tim Ring (took picture) are ready to fish Hunewell private pond for it's big browns.

Tim Ring with a 19 inch rainbow.

Mike M. with an 18 inch 'bow.

"Rocky" had a stellar first day on Bridgport Lake with several trout on the midge pattern.

Ed Pritchard of Newport Beach ties into a bruiser rainbow.

Skip's son, Christian loves to fish in his float tube.

Cale and Christian Baker with fishing buddies Shane Ring and Jimmy Coleman after the spring tournament. Who caught the most?

Mike Morrison, he who fishes until he is blue, catches and releases another monster brown on the East Walker. Does being the District 6 Wild Trout Biologist help? Ask him!

Rick Galloway of Huntington Beach with an 7lb. 27" Brown - East Walker River.

Mundo Robles owner of Stay Bent Guide Service with 19" Brown, East Walker River.

Skip with an early spring brown on the East Walker. The mild weather has made the first year of winter catch & release fishing a good one.

Mike Morrison catches a little brownie at the Granite Hole, East Walker.

Todd O'Banion with a nice rainbow on Rosachi Ranch, from his grandfather's Smith Valley hatchery. The "O'Banion Rainbow" is a beautiful, hard fighting trout from the original Mt. Whitney strain.

Denny Kamens of Minden Nevada with his O'Banion rainbow caught on Rosachi Ranch. Mike Morrison poses with Denny.

Tim Ring shows off a beautiful East Walker rainbow. The early opening of the season was great for those who love to flyfish.

Mike Morrison with 20 inch brown on the East Walker in mid-May.

Memorial Day weekend, float tube, flyrod, and 22 inch rainbow that took me to the backing on my reel 3 times. It was a good day.

Memorial Day, 2007 and Mike Morrison shows off a thick, bright rainbow with a moss-green back. Nice trout.

These big boys are Craig and Tony from Sparks. Craig landed this "big boy" (27 inch 7lbs rainbow) with a water bubble, 5ft leader, and a baby nightcrawler

This is a big Bridgeport Rainbow. They grow fast and strong in the nutrient rich water. Nice trout, Craig.

Mike Morrison with a 23 inch East Walker brownie. Having fun yet?

Marge Tanaka (on left) won Heavy Stringer trophy and Taira Byrne won the Big Fish trophy in the Womens Division of our June 23rd Tournament.

Taira Byrne received a nice trophy and a Abu Garcia IM8 graphite rod and 8 ball-bearing reel.

Doris Meyer won overall heavy stringer for the tournament. She won a super trophy and quality rod and reel combo.

East Walker

Twin Lakes

Brian Jones won the Men's Division Heavy Stringer award, and took home a very nice rod and reel combo along with a fine trophy.

A three-way tie for men's division big fish honors was settled by a card draw between Mike Morrison, Tom McMaster, and Ernesto Robles (left to right). Tom McMaster had the lucky draw.

Kara Hiramatsu won the Kids Division Heavy Stringer award. she went home with a big trophy and quality fishing gear

Big Fish in the Kid's Division was won by 12 year old Christian Baker. He fished in his float tube and landed a 3 pound rainbow

All of the Kid's Division competitors took home a trophy and a Certificate of Appreciation from the Fish Enhancement Program.

Mundo Robles with a 22 inch rainbow at Crowley mid October. This brood stock trout hit a well presented zebra midge in 9 ft of water off of Sandy Point.

Cale Baker is growing into a fine young man. He still loves to flyfish and rarely gets skunked, as witnessed by his "Uncle Mike". That's my boy (age 15 with size 15 wading boots) and growing like trout in a tomato bin!

Will Clayton and Skip Baker with the first bunch of birds on Opening Day of duck season.

Mike Morrison and Bret Baker pose alongside the morning's mixed bag of ducks.

Here are four heavy mallards from opening day

Will Clayton and Bret Baker show off the 15 ducks (count 'em) that we bagged in five hours of jump-shooting on the East Walker River!

2007 October Fly Fishing Tournament Winner

Chris Mohawk of Long Beach won the Big Fish trophy for the East Walker division with a nice 17.5 inch brown trout. He went home with a bunch of great gear, and memories that will bring him back.

Bridgeport's own Dr. Tom Sevedra wins 2nd place in the East Walker division on a card draw to break a 16-16 point tie with Mammoth resident and Sierra Drifter's guide Doug Rodricks, who went home without the trophy, but was awarded a nice package including a Fenwick flyrod and reel.

The winner of the Float & Boat division held on Bridgeport Lake went to Don Goodyear who managed a nice 18.75 inch Brown trout on a day when the fishing was as tough as it gets. Don received a nice trophy and an Outcast Oncilla pontoon boat as well as other prizes for his efforts.

Cale fishing his favorite hole

Anthony Baca our Dad's Friend

How Big is it Cale?


Cale with another

My friend

John "Painter"

Anthony Baca


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