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The Bridgeport Trout Tournament

Tournament Date: June 25th 2016
Whistle Time: 6:30am
Signup Begins: April 2nd 2016
Signup Ends: June 24th 2015

Location: Upper & Lower Twin Lakes, Robinson Creek, Bridgeport Reservoir, & Virginia Lakes.


The Bridgeport Trout Tournament - For applications, link at the bottom.

Saturday, June 25th, 2016 Official Rules Starting Time 6:30 am Cut-Off 2:00 pm Sharp.
The waters open for tournament competition are: Upper and Lower Twin Lakes, Robinson creek, Bridgeport Reservoir, Virginia Lakes only. No lines in the water until 6:30 am.

Pre-paid registration with entry forms and waivers must be postmarked by April 2nd, 2016 to receive a BFEF 2016 T-Shirt.

All entrants must sign a waiver to qualify for tournament. Sign-ups at Bridgeport Memorial Hall on Friday, June 24th 2016 from 2:00-8:00 pm.

Entrants can hire local guides as long as guides don’t fish and they pay an additional entry fee. Tournament officials and weigh-in scales will be located at Ken’s Sporting Goods on Main Street in Bridgeport next to the Courthouse or the other certified Scale at Lower Twin Lake, (at the boat house). Anglers will weigh as much as a legal limit (5 fish) at or before 2:00 pm. If a single fish looks like a contender, it is weighed again for “Big Fish” competition. Weigh-in cut off is at or before 2:00 p.m. only. No exceptions!

Anglers compete for biggest fish and overall stringer weight in three divisions: Men, Ladies, and juniors 15 and under. Any legal means of catching trout as determined by the D.F.G. rules for 2016 is permitted.
No culling is allowed. Culling is defined as; catching, keeping and later releasing a trout for a bigger one.
Anglers must be present at awards ceremony to win.

Tournament officials reserve the right to disqualify any angler for reasons they deem valid including unsportsmanlike conduct, attempts to violate the spirit of the rules and competition, or D.F.G. rules violations. Any disputes will be forwarded to the tournament director for final decision.

Awards Dinner will be at the Memorial Hall or the park behind the hall on School Street behind the historic Court House. The Hall will open at 5:00 PM with dinner at 6:00 PM. Dinner is included in entry fee. Extra dinners or dinners only will be $25.00 each.

Major Awards: Heavy Stringer and Biggest Fish for three divisions. Winners cannot receive both Biggest Fish and Heavy Stringer in a division. Ties are settled by a card draw.

Good Luck Everyone!

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For More Information Please Visit: http://www.BridgeportFishEnhancement.com

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